Endorsement for United for Wildlife Taskforce Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) declaration

The Wolfsberg Group (the Group) is pleased to endorse the United for Wildlife’s (UfW) Financial Taskforce declaration and commit that our members “will not knowingly facilitate or tolerate financial flows that are derived from IWT and associated corruption". In addition to being signatories of the declaration, a number of our members have also taken the extra step to be prominent participants in the Taskforce.

The UfW Financial Taskforce declaration has six commitments that the Group endorses:

  1. Increasing awareness of how the financial industry can combat IWT
  2. Providing training to identify and investigate suspicious activity
  3. Providing intelligence to regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies
  4. Reviewing intelligence alerts received through the Taskforce and taking appropriate actions
  5. Considering additional actions such as policy amendments
  6. Supporting and promoting the work of the Taskforce and external supporting mechanisms

The Group specifically recognises the leadership of HRH, the Duke of Cambridge and the Royal Foundation and commends the Taskforce and their collective efforts to educate, improve awareness and the undertaking of specific investigations. The Group recognises that to eradicate this cruel trade there is a necessity for a global approach and multi organisational collaboration. We encourage other financial institutions, to reflect on the importance of signing the declaration and committing to the Taskforce.

The Group also notes the significance of the active partnership and information sharing between public and private sectors which contributed to developing this work. We strongly believe that information-sharing and co-operation across the public and private sectors is a critical enabler in the fight against financial crime.

Further details can be found at https://www.unitedforwildlife.org/projects/financial-taskforce/ and by contacting Robert.Campbell@royalfoundation.com.