Publication of the Effectiveness Through Collaboration paper

Today, the Wolfsberg Group is publishing its paper on Effectiveness through Collaboration. The document expands on a key element of the Wolfsberg Group’s views on developing an effective Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) programme (The Wolfsberg Factors), which is to engage with the public sector, including law enforcement.

The paper specifically focuses on successful engagement through Public-Private Partnerships and is intended to be an introduction to the subject for those who may be less familiar with the principles underpinning these arrangements and the pivotal role that national authorities must play.

The Wolfsberg Group urges the public sector to prioritise the establishment and strengthening of empowered Public-Private Partnerships and encourages FIs to participate actively in information-sharing frameworks to foster a more effective AML/CTF regime. This focus on improving the outcomes of collective investments in fighting financial crime will boost the efforts of law enforcement and will increase the effectiveness of AML/CTF programmes – ultimately benefitting public sector participants, private sector stakeholders, and society at large.